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Delivery of Efficient, Legitimate, and Safe Outcome is our Goal. 

Design & Plan Drawing

The efficiency in construction is generated from design and planning stage.

Omnistellar provide designs in accordance with your request through meetings

  • Work Process

    1. Initial Information Collection Meeing : Sharing the information such as purpose and size of the building

    2. Provision of Basic Design : Maximum 3 designs will be provided based on the collected information.

    3. Design Meeting : Meeting for adding and subtraction process in order to meet with client's satisfaction.

    4. Detail Design

    5. Presentation : Delivery of the detail design by presentation

    6. Plan Drawing


Our head engineer and the foreman with 27 years of construction experience in Middle Eastern counties search and suggest the cost-efficient method for construction based on the experience from globally well-known construction companies.

Contradictory opinion with project owner will be discussed through opinion sharing meetings with the purpose of exchange of comprehensible and reasonable explanations.

Our logistics partner can be involved to provide comparison quotation for material from Korea in order to raise the efficiency by providing more affordable but higher quality construction materials.


Service Range

  • Electrical Plan, Sign, and Seal

  • Installation (Installation can proceed with the materials provided by the client.)

  • Supervision


Service Provision Location

  • Manila

  • Clark / Angeles

  • Subig

  • San Fernando

Fire Safety & Plumbing


Currently, the City of Angeles has adopted a more strict fire safety regulations to construction than that of Manila. However, there is a lack of supply of fire safety facilities compared with the demand caused by the boom of investment, so a high amount of money is required for installing fire safety facilities.

Omnistar Architecture Project Management provides the following services at a reasonable cost.


  • Service Range

    • Communication with fire safety department of the city hall for obtaining the building permit and occupancy permit

    • Plan Drawing and Sign & Seal for plumbing & fire safety system

    • Installation (Fire safety system installation by the administration is not recommended)

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