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Marketing & Design

Value is granted to an Information only when it is viewed and read, and design makes the public view and read.

Web / S.E.O.


Omnistellar produces intuitive and effective homepages based on customer needs in English and Korean.


Basic S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) is also provided for your homepage to be exposed easily on Google, and regular homepage maintenance service to deliver the latest news to visitors can be offered.


  • Work scope

    • Web Design

    • S. E. O.

    • Maintenance: Update / SNS Marketing

  • Basic Terms

    1. Fees : Basic (5 page) + Additional / page

    2. Translation to Korean : No Charge with provision of contents

    3. Maintenance : Deferred by the amount of weekly / monthly updates.

3D Design

Design ideas can be visualized in 3D model, and the video clip converted from the 3D model can be a useful promotional method.


3D drawings not only accelerate the comprehension of the objects to be created, and increase efficiency in cost and time by reducing communication mistakes.


  • Design area

    • 3D Design

    • 3D Video Production


  • Fees : Determined by Physical Size and Details of the Project

Brand Identity & Ad


We design promotional items such as C.I. (Company Identity such as logos, business cards, signs and more), and other ad materials.

Creating simple and eye-catching ideas that appeal with high readability is our motto, and designs can be optimized for English and Korean language for your publicity materials.


  • Design area

    • logo

    • Business card

    • Sign Board

    • Publicity Materials

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