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Legal Service

A Business Idea is just an Idea without Legal and Accounting Advice

Legal Service

Asset Management and Litigation for Corporate & Individual


The laws of the Philippines are changing rapidly, and Omnistellar's legal advice protects corporates as well as individuals from the disadvantages that may arise.

Omnistellar's legal consulting services provide consulting services for corporates and individuals in research and dispute mediation.


We also provide consulting services for businesses or individuals in the Philippines with career connectivity with Korea, and Omnistellar's Korean partners, American Bar Association lawyers, will guide you safely but most progressively.  In addition, translation and interpretation services between English and Korean can be added to enhance the comprehension of solutions and advice.



Service Area


  1. Corporate / Individual

  2. Real Estate Development

    • Investment and Asset Management

    • Unfair trade practice

    • Contract and Other Documentation

    • Tax Investigation

    • Notarization

  3. Dispute and litigation arbitration

    • Investment Dispute
    • Financial Dispute

    • Fair Trade Dispute

    • Labor Dispute

  4. Estafe Criminal Case

    • Criminal Case

    • Criminal Trial on Financial Estafa

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Do you need Legal Consultation? 
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Do you need Legal Consultation? 
You can initiate through message.
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